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Cancer In Children

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Over the last six decades, there has been tremendous improvement in the survival rate for the majority of children affected by cancer in the United States and in Western Europe. Despite dramatic advances in the “developed” world, 85% of children diagnosed with cancer globally will not survive this disease. Cancer in Children and Adolescents is an accessible textbook that covers the complexities and interdisciplinary nature of cancer occurrences and provides the fundamentals of diagnosis and management of cancers that affect children and adolescents. Distinguished for its global focus, many chapters in Cancer in Children and Adolescents are co-authored by recognized specialists from around the world. Cancer in Children and Adolescents is divided into four major sections: Section 1: The Laboratory Biology and Diagnostic Evaluation of Childhood Cancer Section 2: Principles of Cancer Therapy in Children Section 3: Tumors of Children Section 4: Supportive Care

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