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Complications After Gastrointestinal Surgery (Oxford Clinical Practice Series), 1E

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Complications After Gastrointestinal Surgery (Oxford Clinical Practice Series), 1E


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Gastrointestinal surgery is performed for a range of benign and malignant diseases in both elective and emergency settings. However, many of these operations are followed by complications, which need early detection so that they can be managed in a way that is rational, evidence-based and makes the best use of the available local resources.

Complications after Gastrointestinal Surgery is an up-to-date and comprehensive reference book for practicing and aspiring gastrointestinal and general surgeons as well as for trainees and assistants. With contributions from more than 90 experts from 15 different countries, it offers a systematic description of the general aspects of surgical complications. It discusses institutional issues such as managing complications in limited-resource settings and the impact of centralisation and checklists. It also describes the ways to deal with specific post-surgery problems pertaining to different organs such as the oesophagus, the small and large intestines, pancreas and liver.

AuthorDr. Samiran Nundy and Dr. Dirk J. Gouma


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