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SECTION ONE: HISTORICAL ASPECTS – Gametes and Embryo Donation: An Evolving Medical Contribution to Human Procreation SECTION TWO: INDICATIONS – Can we Define the Indications for Oocyte Donation? – Is Donor Egg IVF a Rational Treatment for Genetic Disorders? – Reversing the Natural Decline in Human Fertility with Oocyte Donation to Women of Advanced Reproductive Age SECTION THREE: FACTORS DEFINING SUCCESS – Do Recipient Age and Infertility Diagnosis Affect Pregnancy and Implantation Rates in a Donor Egg IVF Program? – Importance of Transfer and Uterine Factors in a Donor Egg IVF Program – Do Hydrosalpinges Adversely Affect Implantation in Donor Oocyte Cycles? Factors that Determine Discordant Outcomes from Shared Oocytes – Endometriosis and Oocyte Donation – The Best Donor – Clinical Factors Interfering with Endometrial Receptivity SECTION FOUR: OOCYTE SHARING PROGRAMS – The Shared Donor Oocyte Program: Advantages and Insights(Egg Recipients Sharing Oocytes from Single Donor) – Egg Recipients Sharing Oocytes from Patients Undergoing IVF – Does Egg Sharing Compromise the Chances of Donors or Recipients Achieving a Livebirth? SECTION FIVE: FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS – Social and Financial Aspects of Egg-sharing versus Professional Egg Donation in a Donor Egg IVF Program – Eggs for Sale: How Much is Too Much? – Subsidized IVF SECTION SIX: DONOR SCREENING – Oocyte Donor Screening: The Selection Process and Cost Analysis – Genetic Screening of Prospective Oocyte Donors – Should Donor Egg IVF Programs Accept PCOS Women as Donors?SECTION SEVEN: POTENTIAL DONORS – Family Members as Gamete Donors and Surrogates – Sisters of Women with Premature Ovarian Failure may not be Ideal Ovum Donors – Should Nonpatient Volunteers Donate Eggs? SECTION EIGHT: ASSESSING ENDOMETRIAL RECEPTIVITY – Color and Power Doppler for Assessing Endometrial Receptivity – Endometrial TB-PCR: Transcription-mediated Amplification or Histopathology for Endometrial Evaluation in Donor Egg IVF? SECTION NINE: ENDOMETRIAL PREPARATION – Long Estradiol Replacement in an Oocyte Donation Program – Vaginal Progesterone Gel Preparation in a Donor Oocyte Program SECTION TEN: STIMULATION PROTOCOLS FOR OOCYTE DONORS – Role of GnRH Analog Depot Preparations in Donor Egg IVF – Long Protocol is the Gold Standard for Ovarian Stimulation in Egg Donors – Timing of Placental Competence in Ovum Donation SECTION ELEVEN: ULTRASOUND – Role of TVS in Assessing Endometrial and Ovarian Morphology in a Donor Egg IVF Program. Imaging Aspects: A Perspective – Upper Genital Tract Screening with Hysterosonography in Patients Receiving Donated Oocytes SECTION TWELVE: SURROGACY – Surrogacy: Ethical, Psychological and Legal Implications – SECTION THIRTEEN: ENDOSCOPY – Role of Hysteroscopy in a Donor Egg IVF Program SECTION FOURTEEN: COUNSELING – Counseling Recipients in a Donor Egg IVF Program – Potential Psychological Attachments Formed by Egg Donors Involved in Fertility Technology SECTION FIFTEEN: ETHICS AND RELIGION – Ethical and Religious Considerations in Third Party Reproduction SECTION SIXTEEN: OBSTETRICS AND PERINATAL OUTCOMES – Factors Influencing the Obstetric and Perinatal Outcomes after Oocyte Donation – Pregnancy Results and Obstetric Outcomes in Patients 45 years and Older SECTION SEVENTEEN: LONG-TERM FOLLOW-UP – Health and Development of Donor Egg IVF Children Compared to IVF Children SECTION EIGHTEEN: LEGISLATION AND GUIDELINES – Donor Egg IVF: Its Regulation in India – Egg-sharing and Policy Making – Oocyte Donation: The Legislative Framework in Western Europe SECTION NINETEEN: WHATS NEW? – Oocyte Donation to Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 Serodiscordant Couples – Cross Border or Reproductive Tourism with Special Emphasis on Donor Oocytes SECTION TWENTY: EPILOGUE – The Internet and Donor Egg IVF – Egg Donor: Once Upon a TimeWhat Will You Tell Them? – Risks of Oocyte Donation

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