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Essential Revision Notes for FRCS (Urol) Book 2

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The FRCS (Urol) – Urology and urological surgery – is the mandatory final exit exam that all urology national training number (NTN) trainees in the UK must successfully complete in order to achieve Certification of Training (CCT) in urology. The FRCS (Urol) exam is run by the four Royal Colleges of Surgery of the UK and Ireland, with the Joint Committee on Surgical Training (JCST) acting as advisory body. Internationally the FRCS (Urol) as a qualification is widely recognised as a marker of quality and indeed applicants from all around the world sit the exam. The FRCS (Urol) consists of a first written component, followed at a later date by a separate oral viva examination. There is an impending lack of published textbooks that provide a comprehensive summary of the knowledge required to pass the exam. This textbook, along with Book 1, fills the current market gap of a dedicated revision note style book to prepare candidates for the FRCS (Urol), as well as educate more junior trainees starting their higher training in urology.

AuthorJack Donati-Bourne
PublisherLibri Publishing
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