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Essentials of Pharmacology for Dentistry (Covering the latest Curriculum) 4th

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Essentials of Pharmacology for Dentistry (Covering the latest Curriculum) 4th


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Pharmacology, the science of drugs (medicines), is a highly dynamic discipline with concepts and priority drugs changing rapidly. Its relevance to all health professionals (including dentists) cannot be over emphasized. Practice of dentistry utilizes drugs both as primary treatment modality, as well as facilitator of/adjuvant to dental procedures. Dentists routinely prescribe analgesics and antibiotics, apply antiseptics and other locally acting drugs, and inject local anaesthetics. Further, many dental patients could be receiving other medication that may have orodental implications or may interact with drugs prescribed by the dentist. Occasionally, dentists have to manage a medical emergency which may arise during a dental procedure or in their clinic. As such, a broad knowledge of pharmacology along with focus on aspects is needed by the dentist. This book has been produced to specifically meet the above outlined needs

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