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Identification, Assessment, Stabilization And Transport (Iast) Manual For Acutely 12 Children

ISBN: 9788184488272 | Publisher: Jaypee |


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This book, Identification, Assessment, Stabilization and Transport (IAST) Manual for Acutely Ill Children, deals with acutely ill children. The status of children has not improved much till date. Many of the children die before second birthday. Majority of population still live in rural areas. The health infrastructure is mainly urban centred. The heath care facilities in rural areas are either not present or inadequate to meet the demand. This manual aims to handle the sick/injured children by primary health care providers within the existing infrastructure so that childhood morbidity and mortality can be brought down. The manual also discusses the issue related to neonatal resuscitation. A special emphasis has also been made on “effective communication skills” between primary health care provider and patient.

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