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Measurements In Radiology Made Easy

ISBN: 9789350252642 | Publisher: Jaypee | GoodReads


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The book “Measurements in Radiology Made Easy” mainly focuses on the radiological measurements, which plays an important role in the medicine. Measurements also help in getting accurate and specific aiding diagnosis. Radiology becomes an important modality in the field and helps in evaluating images, which carries a greater depth to it in encompassing all the forms. Radiology focuses on both quantitative and qualitative perspectives of all medical evaluation. This book is divided into fifteen chapters which elucidate the vital role of radiological measurement in different systems such as gastrointestinal system, genitourinary system and respiratory system. Chest radiograph can provide the accurate measurements of heart valve positions such as mitral valve, pulmonary valve, tricuspid valve and aortic valve. It also covers about the normal measurements of gallbladder in infants and adults. It explains the importance of radiological measurements in musculoskeletal system, gynecology, obstetrics etc. It also covers rules in radiology, Hounsfield unit values and basics of MRI.

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