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Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy, Global Edition

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Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy, Global Edition


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This title is a Peaon Global Edition. The Editorial team at Pearson has worked closely with educators around the world to include content which is especially relevant to students outside the United States._x000D_
Motivate students using compelling healthcare applications._x000D_
NEW! Micro Matters animated cases connect concepts across chapters and help students recognize the clinical importance of foundational material. Micro Matters videos are accessible via QR codes in select chapters and are also assignable in MasteringMicrobiology._x000D_
NEW! Interactive Microbiology is a dynamic suite of interactive tutorials and animations that teach key microbiology concepts including Operons, Biofilms and Quorum Sensing, Complement, and Antibiotic Resistance. Interactive Microbiology actively engages students with each topic, enabling them to learn from manipulating variables, predicting outcomes, and answering formative and summative assessment questions. Each tutorial presents the concept within a real healthcare scenario in order to emphasize problem solving and interest students from the beginning._x000D_
Interactive Microbiology coaching activities are assignable in MasteringMicrobiology, and each is presented in two parts: one for basic concepts, and one as a “scientific thinking” exercise that requires students to apply what they’ve learned to a novel scenario._x000D_
NEW! Disease in Depth 2-page spreads feature important and representative diseases. These highly visual spreads contain illustrations, micrographs and info-graphics, providing in-depth overviews of selected diseases for comprehensive study and review._x000D_
NEW! MasteringMicrobiology Disease in Depth coaching activities provide guidance through each disease using personalized hints and feedback and conclude with a prompt for students to complete independent research._x000D_
Clinical Case Study and Emerging Disease Case Study features discuss a patient’s experience with a microbial disease and conclude with questions for the student to consider. _x000D_
MasteringMicrobiology Clinical Case Study Coaching Activities help students connect microbiological theory to real-world diagnosis and treatment, allowing them to put their knowledge into practice and think like a nurse._x000D_
Microbe-at-a-Glance boxes showcase representative microbes in each of the disease chapters by combining an illustration of a microbe with concise information about its taxonomy, morphology, virulence factors, resulting diseases, and disease treatment and prevention. Students can download these “snapshots” as handy flashcards for study and review on the go._x000D_
MasteringMicrobiology activities allow instructors to assess students’ understanding and recognition of these important diseases. _x000D_
MasteringMicrobiology MicroCareers Coaching Activities provide students an opportunity to investigate microbiology principles and diseases from the perspective of various careers, like a pharmaceutical quality control technician, wastewater laboratory technician, or an environmental health specialist._x000D_
The taxonomic organization of the disease chapters (Chapters 19—25) presents microbial diseases by type of pathogenic microbe, helping students recognize shared characteristics among categories of microbes. For instructors who prefer to organize diseases by body system, Pearson publishes Robert Bauman’s other text, Microbiology with Diseases by Body System.

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