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Mrcp Paces Clinical Pearls

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MRCP PACES is widely regarded as the most challenging hurdle to obtaining membership to the Royal College of Physicians. Passing the exam requires more than knowledge alone and many incredibly talented doctors fail every year due to various factors. The most common failure point is scoring poorly on the ‘physical signs’ strand of the exam. This book is designed to be a complete yet concise guide to the MRCP PACES examination and will guide you through the stations in a systematic way to help you score top marks in the exam. This book does not replace examining patients to elicit signs, and omitting this step in your preparation is a sure way to fail! This book will also be useful for medical students doing their OSCE’s who are keen to get an edge over their peers, though the level of detail will be greater than required. This book will cover the key aspects of the exam including: (1)The exam format (2) Examination routines (3) Common and important cases represented in the PACES exam (4) Key physical findings (5) Presentation techniques for the different stations (6) Useful skills to narrow the differential diagnosis from the end of the bed. It is the book we wish we had when we sat the MRCP PACES exam!

AuthorAli Kirresh (Author), Omar Kirresh (Author), Othman Kirresh (Author)
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