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MRCP Parts I & II Written 2020 Guide

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MRCP Parts I & II Written 2020 Guide


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With the 2019 pass rate for MRCP Part 1 only 57.8% among UK graduates and a mere 40.2% in “other” trainees, it’s no wonder why MRCP is such a respected qualification among physicians and non-physician doctors. Failing MRCP is unfortunately commonplace and failing in general is never something to be ashamed of. In fact every successful person became that way through repeated failures. The main concern with failing MRCP part I or II is the potential time it sets you back. With only 3 exam diets per year, failing one exam means waiting 4 months for the next. In medicine that means an entirely different medical rotation, and therefore an entirely different set of circumstances. It’s much easier to pass these exams cleanly so you can move on towards your goals. These exams are to demonstrate general competencies and should be viewed as a means to an end, rather than the end themselves. In this updated 2020 MRCP Parts I & II Written Guide I explain the strategy you should use when tackling both MRCP parts I and II written, which are best of five multiple choice exams. There are many great books detailing the medical knowledge required to best these two exams but surprisingly no good guide exists for the tactics you should use. This is evidenced by the persistently low pass rate of both these exams despite most of the candidates being good capable doctors.This guide will help you:- allocate your time effectively, and counter-intuitively- teach you useful concepts such as mixed category revision, high yield facts & pattern recognition, and variety- differentiate between good and poor resources I passed MRCP Part 1 in Sept 2014, Part 2 in Dec 2014 and MRCP PACES in July 2015 at the age of 25. I also attained the respiratory consultant (specialty certificate) “exit” exam on my first attempt in Oct 2018 aged 28. I’m currently a ST5 in respiratory medicine working towards a MD in asthma research in Scotland.

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