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Nutrition and Biochemistry for Nurses, 3e

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Nutrition and Biochemistry for Nurses, 3e


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Nutrition and Biochemistry for Nurses has been designed to meet the requirements of B.Sc. Nursing students. The information and concepts presented within the book will help students keep abreast of the recent changes and current updates in the field of nutrition and biochemistry.
Content thoroughly revised to keep in line with the latest INC syllabus
Content revised for better clarity of concepts, ensuring comprehensive and exhaustive coverage
Content updated to provide information on recent trends in clinical biochemistry
Text presented in short sentences, sometimes fragments, in the form of bulleted points
Easy-to-read simple language used for ease of comprehension
Numerous graphics, tables, diagrams and pictures provided wherever needed
Applied aspects of topics, e.g. recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), cookery rules and preservation of nutrients, balanced diet and role of nurse in nutritional programmes, etc., in nutrition and various investigations in biochemistry provided in sufficient detail
Chapter in a Nutshell, short summary, appended in the end of every chapter to help the learner quickly revise the chapter’s content
Exam-oriented exercises provided to help students prepare themselves on the lines of the exam
Clinical Applications Boxes – a feature provided to help students comprehend the importance of biochemical information in diagnosis and treatment of clinical problems
Recent developments in nutrition and its emerging concepts
Recent changes in the Food Safety Standards and Regulations
Nutrition assessments in the Community Settings and different methods of feeding patients
Role of Nurse in various programmes of nutrition
Tables provided as ready reckoner of nutritive values for common foods

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