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Pharmacotherapy Principles And Practice Study Guide

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Pharmacotherapy Principles And Practice Study Guide


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This is a case-based companion study guide to Pharmacotherapy. “Principles and Practice, 2e” – learn how to apply your knowledge to actual patient situations. “Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice Study Guide” uses 98 cases to help you learn how to apply pharmacotherapeutic concepts to specific patient situations. Each case is presented in a consistent manner, similar to what you would see in a clinical setting and focuses on one primary topic or problem. Patients discussed in these cases will have drug therapy problems requiring identification and management. For each case, you will be asked to develop a Patient Database, Drug Therapy Problem Worksheet, and Pharmacotherapy Care Plan using the forms provided. These forms are adapted from those originally developed by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists Clinical Skills program. Each case includes: Learning Objectives Patient Presentation Targeted Questions followed by a hint that refers you to pages in “Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice, 2e” where you can find the information to answer the question. It includes follow-up global perspective which highlights an issue related to the case that is important to countries outside of North America or involves different ethnic groups or races Case Summary.

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