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Practical Management Of Gynaecological Problems (Fogsi), 2E

ISBN: 9789350252406 | Publisher: Jaypee | GoodReads


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The Practical Management of Gynecological Problems depicts various techniques for effectively managing gynecological problems, such as primary amenorrhea, uterine bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, myoma, endometriosis, pelvic floor defects, urinary incontinence, genital tuberculosis, cervical cancer, and ovarian malignancy. Advantages and disadvantages of hormonal contraception in female are discussed in detail, where the major topics of discussion include oral contraceptives, population reports and postcoital contraception. Use of intrauterine contraceptive devices, IUCDs or copper impregnated device in the management of pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, infection, and fertility is briefly discussed. Major topics covered relating to hormone replacement therapy in women with medical complications include seven-step approach for decisions regarding HRT, absolute contraindications to HRT, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, myocardial infarction, malignancy, breast cancer, malignant melanoma, endometrial cancer, and systemic lupus erythematosus. Use of GnRH analogs in treatment of myoma, use of uterine arterial embolization in the treatment of leiomyomas, principles of hysteroscopy, and HPV vaccine for prevention of cervical cancer are some of the important topics that are discussed briefly.

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