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Prehospital Life Support Manual

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Prehospital life support includes extrication of traumas victims, assessment of all seriously ill and injured, initial stabilization, and arranging transport to appropriate level of care without doing further harm. This manual primarily focuses on the initial assessment using ABCDE’s approach, stabilization, and transport of acutely ill or injured patients to the appropriate facility. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Introduction; 2. Assessment of Seriously Ill Adults; 3. Assessment of Seriously Ill Children; 4. Assessment of Seriously Injured; 5. Monitoring; 6. Basic Life Support Skills; 7. Neonatal Resuscitation; 8. Airway and Cervical Spine; 9. Oxygen Therapy; 10. Fluid Therapy; 11. Management of Injured; 12. Cardiac Arrest; 13. Medical Emergencies; 14. Pediatric Emergencies; 15. Thermal Injuries; 16. Hypothermia; 17. Submersion Injury; 18. Poisoning; 19. Obstetric Emergencies; 20. Accident Scene Management; 21. Infection Prevention; 22. Procedures; 23. Communication Skills in Acute Care; 24. Transport Guidelines; 25. Ambulance and Equipments.

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