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Sleep Medicine For Dentists

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This concise clinical handbook educates dental practitioners seeking to understand, recognize, and manage disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep bruxism, and chronic pain, which often interfere with or intrude into sleep and are critically important to the practice of dentistry. Leading experts in medicine and dentistry articulate and guide readers in performing the specific responsibilities of dental practitioners, such as routinely examining patients for the risk of sleep-disordered breathing; providing guidance and appropriate referrals to patients who report snoring, sleepiness, and morning headache; managing the tooth damage or pain generated by bruxism; knowing when to prescribe oral appliances and understanding their associated risks; and collaborating closely with maxillofacial surgeons or ENT specialists when surgery is indicated. This unique book is a rapid source of practical information for students, practicing dentists, and researchers who wish to expand their knowledge base on this important topic.

Section 1: Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine

1. The Nature of Sleep G. Lavigne, C. Morin, M.-C. Carra

2. Sleep Neurobiology F. Amzica, G. Lavigne

3. Classification of Sleep Disorders G. Lavigne, R. Heinzer, P. Cistulli, M. Smith

Section 2: Sleep Breathing Disorders

4. Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders A. Chan, R. Lee, P. Cistulli

5. Pathophysiology of Obstructive Sleep Apnea A. Chan, R. Lee, G. Lavigne, P. Cistulli

6. Long-Term Consequences of Obstructive Sleep Apnea C. Phillips, K. Wong

7. Clinical Approach to Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea R. Lee, A. Chan, P. Cistulli

8. Upper Airway Imaging in Obstructive Sleep Apnea F.-L. Comyn, R. Schwab

9. An Overview of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment P. Buchanan, R. Grunstein

10. Oral Appliances M. Marklund, P. Cistulli

11. Dentofacial Orthopedics M. Darendeliler, L. Cheng, P. Pirelli, P. Cistulli

Section 3: Sleep Bruxism and Movement Disorders

12. Definitions, Epidemiology, and Etiology of Sleep Bruxism F. Loobezoo, G. Aarab, J. van der Zaag

13. Orofacial Movement Disorders in Sleep T. Kato, P. Blanchet

14. Clinical Approach to Diagnosis of Sleep Bruxism K. Koyano, Y. Tsukiyama

15. Pathophysiology of Sleep Bruxism G. Lavigne, H. Tuomilehto, G. Macaluso

16. Sleep Bruxism in Children N. Huynh, C. Guilleminault

17. Management of Sleep Bruxism E. Winocur

Section 4: Sleep and Orofacial Pain

18. Pathophysiologic Conceptualizations of Chronic Pain C. Campbell, R. Edwards

19. Mechanisms of Sleep Loss Pain Interactions M. Haack, J. Scott-Sutherland, N. Sethna, J. Mullington

20. Clinical Implications of Sleep Loss Pain Interactions M. Haack, J. Scott-Sutherland, N. Sethna, J. Mullington

21. Association of Orofacial Pain Conditions and Sleep Disturbance P. Svensson, L. Baad-Hansen, T. Arima

22. Impact of Common Temporomandibular Disorder Comorbidities on Sleep Quality and Orofacial Pain L. Buenaver, E. Grace

23. Pharmacologic Management of Sleep-Pain Interactions B. Cairns, P. Gazerani

24. Nonpharmacologic Management of Insomnia and Pain N. Tang, M. Smith

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