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The Definitive Guide To The Osce: The Objective Structured Clinical Examination As A Performance

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The new book is the definitive text on the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), providing an easily accessible account of the breadth and depth of experience gained worldwide from its use in a wide range of contexts and in different phases of education. The lessons learned from these diverse experiences are included throughout the text.

Used globally in all phases of education in the different healthcare professions, the OSCE was first described by the lead author, Harden, in 1975 and it is now the gold standard for performance assessment.

This book provides a full understanding of the basic concepts underpinning the OSCE and shows how to implement an OSCE effectively and efficiently in a variety of contexts.
It includes case studies demonstrating the use of the OSCE in practice in a range of different fields.
Practical guidelines and tips are provided based on the authors’ extensive experience.

AuthorBy (author) Ronald M. Harden , By (author) Pat Lilley , By (author) Madalena Patricio
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