The Insider’s Guide to the MRCS Clinical Examination (Masterpass Series)

ISBN: 978-1846192975

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The MRCS Clinical Examination is the final requirement to obtain the professional qualification for the Intercollegiate Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons. This Membership allows the transition from doctor to surgeon and a career in higher surgical training. This standardised clinical examination requires candidates to demonstrate their ability in examining patients, with effective and clear communication. ‘The authors should be commended on producing a book that covers all clinical sections of the Examination, in such a concise, comprehensive and structured manner.This study guide will serve as your personal tutor working closely with you, prompting and providing pointers to improve your examination technique. It includes dozens of clinical scenarios, demonstrating how to examine the system and avoid common mistakes. In addition, the candidates can improve their communication skills, which is an integral part of this Examination. This book complements the “Insider Medical MRCS Clinical Course”. It simulates the actual test conditions by providing sample cases and answers, coupling identification of weaknesses and strengths. This book will also prove to be extremely valuable for the new-style MRCS OSCE’ – Nigel Mendoza in his Foreword.



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