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The Power Of Ultrasonics

ISBN: 9782912550514 | Publisher: Quintessence | GoodReads


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Ultrasonic instruments were introduced in periodontal therapy in 1955. Approximately 50 years later, their effects on the teeth and the periodontium have become much clearer. This nicely illustrated book explains the scientific basis and technical mechanics of ultrasonic instruments and describes techniques for using them. When ultrasonic instruments are used correctly and with care, they offer a welcome alternative to hand instruments. Moreover, in furcations, they appear to offer superior results. Newly modified tips that have a slim and elegant design allow the operator to provide more efficient supra- and subgingival debridement.This book offers the key to the successful use of ultrasonic instruments. Clinical results, possible side effects, and contraindications are provided as well. A list of the literature comparing hand and ultrasonic instruments can be found at the back of the book.

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