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Vitamin D : Volume 1: Biochemistry, Physiology and Diagnostics

ISBN: 9780128099650 | Publisher: Elsevier|Health Sciences |



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Vitamin D : Volume 1: Biochemistry, Physiology and Diagnostics


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Vitamin D: Volume One: Biochemistry, Physiology and Diagnostics, Fourth Edition, presents the latest information from international experts in endocrinology, bone biology and human physiology, taking readers through the basic research of vitamin D. This impressive reference presents a comprehensive review of the multifaceted vitamin D. Researchers from all areas will gain insight into how clinical observations and practices can feed back into the research cycle, thus allowing them to develop more targeted genomic and proteomic insights on the mechanisms of disease.

AuthorDavid Feldman - J. Wesley Pike - Roger Bouillon - Edward Giovannucci - David Goltzman - Martin Hewison
PublisherElsevier|Health Sciences
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