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Worlds Best Anatomical Charts Dlx (Classic Anthology)

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The Sixth Edition of the Classic Anthology of Anatomical Charts features 100 new and updated anatomical charts. A two-volume set housed in its own box, this beautiful compilation provides a clearer understanding of human anatomy, offers a visual comparison of physiological principles, and highlights important pathological conditions. Medical terminology and updated text are printed directly on each chart so you never have to refer to a separate key card or manual.

Since the last edition we’ve added 52 more charts and divided the anatomy and pathology topics into two volumes, to aid in visual comparisons between normal and diseased states. The 59 pathology topics are segmented by therapeutic area with divider pages and charts are alphabetized within each area. The 41 anatomy topics are also organized alphabetically. The easel stands for the two books are sturdier than the previous edition’s and allow for easier use. We’ve included a beautiful and professional-looking box to house these more comprehensive volumes.

All our anatomical charts are printed in vivid, lifelike colors on high-quality laminated paper and bound together in beautiful spiral notebooks. Pop open the hidden easel, flip charts for individual viewing, write on/wipe off with a dry erase pen (not included), and then fold the easel to store flat or within the professional and durable storage box.

Classic Anthology of Anatomical Charts, Sixth Edition is truly one of the most comprehensive and attractive compilations of charts on the market. It is ideal for studying human anatomy, patient consultation, or quick reference.

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PublisherLippincott WW
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